Magnolia Doodle

Now that I’m back to being a functional human being (read: well-rested and fed), it’s officially time to wade back into the sea of homework. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling a bit sluggish getting back into it—so after a few hours of slow work, I just ended up experimenting with some media on a few pieces of scrap paper.

The images below are actually reflective of how they were stacked in Photoshop, not the order that they were created in! (Spoiler alert: real process is at the end of the post.)

1. Photoshop Base

2. Brush Pen 

3. Ink wash (colour corrected)

4. Charcoal for texture. This one was a bit of a twist—I hadn’t experimented with dry media for tonal areas until now. 

5. Inked lines with a dip pen

6. Colour correction over the whole thing—that’s it!

In terms of the actual order each layer was produced in, I actually drew the lines out with the pen first, followed by charcoal, then the Photoshop base layer. The three layers alone were still looking a bit bare, so I added the ink wash & brush pen—which has really become a go-to for me.

All in all, this thing took me (probably) less than 30 minutes! Now I just need to find a way to do homework this easily & quickly..

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